A lot of things have happened in the last decade that changed the political arena. We have no idea if the changes that we are witnessing today will help the country move forward, or perhaps bring us back to the dark days of our history. In spite of all these, it is important that we are all united for the sake of truth and progress. Whatever our intention might be for the country, it wouldn’t matter if we do not choose to do the right thing. It does not matter if the end result would be for improvement, especially if we decide to set aside our morality.

Just remember how our forefathers have fought for the freedom of our country. We do not want their sacrifice and hard work to be wasted, so let us all help each other to make this world a better place to live for everyone, no matter how old or young you are, no matter how rich or poor and no matter how light or dark the color of our skin is.

World News Politics is here to deliver you only the facts that will tell you where exactly are we in the politics game. In a world plagued with fake news and propaganda, it is hard to distinguish the real worlds from the lies. It is unfortunate indeed that dishonesty has become a norm in this country, but trust that this blogging site will remain committed to bring you unbiased reporting, nothing more and nothing less.