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It is quite surprising, and delightful at the same time, to know that many people in our generation are advocating for real change. Of course, there are many others before us that already called for change.

While many politicians have emerged in the past that promised to bring this much-aaited change, ordinary individuals continue to call for the same thing. This only means that whatever changes that these elected leaders have introduced to us are not actual change.

Another thing that we should assess is if the kind of change that we are calling for would actually benefit everyone, and not just a chosen few. In the modern times, having the freedom to choose what is best for us must not be restricted.

In the case of other countries aside from the United States of America, they continue to defy all odds in spite of its different views with the rest of the world. However, there are issues surrounding the current system of their government, with some fearing that if this is left unchecked, it would ultimately lead to a socialist revolution. Nonetheless, we should let them be if they believe that this kind of change works best for them.

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