Breaking | Julian Assange confirms Sanders threatened

World leaders have been trying their best to make the place where we live in safer. Sad to say, their efforts to make the world a better place are just not working. Supporting this is the countless of news that we hear from the television and radio about innocent lives taken away due to social injustices. It is really unfortunate that sometimes, it is our own leaders that have paved the way for the sufferings of the ordinary citizens. Look no further than the United States of America itself, as the state forces are the ones that can harm innocent individuals.

The reports of police shooting of unarmed civilians have already awaken the people that there is something that needs to be changed in our current system. While we are hoping that there will be no civil unrest coming up due to police brutality, everyday news suggest that the probability of another gruesome incident is quite high, with the level of prejudice and injustice that our society has at this point.

Nonetheless, there is hope that our world will be safer for everybody, no matter how dark or light your skin looks like.

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