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Environmentally Friendly Driving is Encouraging According to the Government

Full of Vehicles? What causes it?

The cause of road traffic is approximately a fifth of garden greenhouse gas emissions in t Holland. An electronic car really does not give off greenhouse fumes and nitrogen dioxide. That is why the government encourages electric driving. This is mentioned in the Weather Agreement.

Clean Transport Helps to Achieve Climate Goals

The Climate Agreement states that the Netherlands must emit 49% less CO2 by 2030. This will be 95% by 2050. Clean transport helps to achieve those goals. For example, all new passenger cars entering the market in 2030 must be 100% electric. These cars than run on electricity from a battery, hydrogen fuel cell, or solar panels.

Subsidy for Electric Cars

The national government wants to make electric driving attractive to more private individuals. That is why private individuals can apply for a subsidy. The subsidy applies (under conditions) to:

fully electric passenger cars in the smaller or compact middle class
The list value (original new price) is not lower than € 12,000 and not higher than € 45,000 cars purchased or leased on or after June 4, 2020; new and used electric passenger cars. Individuals can apply for the Subsidy for Electric Passenger Cars (SEPP) from 1 July 2020.

1.9 million electric cars will be charged by 2030
Electric cars need to be charged. In the Netherlands, there are more than 55,000 public charging stations on the street and in parking garages. The National Agenda for Charging Infrastructure (NAL) lists the actions to have 1.7 million charging points in the Netherlands by 2030. There are then about 1.9 million electric passenger cars in use.

Green Deals for Electric Driving

The government is working with other parties on agreements on sustainability in Green Deals. For example, the national government supports the use of electric vehicles in the transport sector. For help and assistance San Jose Towing is always open to serve you. Think, for example, of electric lease cars, electric public transport, and electric taxis.