Chinese Diplomat Seeks Renewal of US-China Diplomatic Relationship Between

In a forum held last Feb. 22, senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi put forward a request for Pres. Biden to restore the good relationship between the US and China. As the diplomatic tie between the two countries was damaged under Trump’s administration, Wang is now urging the U.S. President remove the tariffs on Chinese goods.

Wang’s request included an appeal for the U.S. government to not meddle with Beijing’s handling of its internal affairs, including the country’s handling of the actions launched separatists seeking for the independence of Taiwan.

As the U.S. under the Trump regime had the US cut off any dialogue with Chinese government officials, Wang stated that they are ready to communicate in solving problems that the two countries part in the past few years, Wang believed with optimism that the recent call between US President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping is a great and positive indication that both leaders are now ready to take a step towards good relationship.

Speculations that Pres. Biden Plans to Continue the Fight Vs. China’s Trade Practices

However, it seems President Biden plans to keep the pressure on Beijing after expressing concerns about China’s unfair and coercive trade practices.

Moreover, other concerns raised by President Biden include China’s continuing claims over territorial rights in the West Philippine Sea, by intimidating neighboring countries. Another important factor that can affect Biden”s cooperation are the allegations of human rights crimes against Uighur Muslim minorities in Xinjiang.