A Political Film Featuring Sean Penn As Harvey Milk

Among political movies, Milk is one of the best ever filmed. With Sean Penn portraying the character of Harvey Milk, everything about the film has fallen into place. Sean Penn created a strong character with unlimited attention to detail from beginning to end. Here he created a person who looked like a strange bird to mainstream American society, making him completely recognizable. Why is this character unique? There is a gay soul, but we all have the same soul. Watch Milk on American Netflix and for other political movies like this.

In 1977, Harvey Milk was the first publicly elected gay in the United States. Yes, but I’m sick of the word “open homosexuality”. I’m openly heterosexual, but this is my first time saying this. Why can’t we all be our favorite people? Why can homosexuality just become gay and “unknown homosexuality” can’t be what they want? That was not the case in 1977. Milk urges closed gays to appear in front of family, friends, and colleagues. And to keep the heterosexual world from demonizing abstract concepts. But I think his appeal is now respected because the movement he is promoting is so powerful. Clever gays and lesbians should give up their blessings immediately, except in the rear areas of the country.

Gus van Santo’s film began with Harvey Milk at the age of 48 and reflected his personal journey from the age of 40 on his recorder. At this turning point, he was dissatisfied with his life and decided to do something. Milk, a researcher and Goldwater Republican at Bache & Co., a member of the Greenpie Village hippie theater group, opened the half-closet door and waved cautiously. He fell in love with Scott Smith (James Franco), moved to San Francisco, opened a photography studio in the shadow of Castorie Tar, and learned that even the largest and noisiest gay community in the United States was systematically persecuted by homophobia.

Milk did not enter the sphere of politics when his own eyes closed. Prior to the 1977 election, he ran for the board three times. He runs for gay bills. He organized. He got a personal speaker and stood on the box labeled “SOAP”. Liberals, unions, coasts, teachers, Latinos, blacks, and other alliances formed a common cause. He has a gift for propaganda. He became a flaming speaker. He was appointed mayor of Castro Avenue and won office. This is a bullying podium that challenges vulgar guys like Anita Bryant who dislike gays.

Dustin Lance Black’s original screenplay, Milk, is a story about a hero who has never been bothered by hippies becoming a national symbol. His romantic adventure is phenomenal. Due to his involvement in politics, he remained a friend after he left Scott Smith. He has a weakness in being a puppy and a wet friend: the first Cleve Jones (Emile Hirsch) has become another community organizer. Then there was the Mexican-American Diego Luna, who was living in the political life of milk. It’s wise to disconnect from lira, but milk is almost a compulsive supporter.

His closest connection to fate was with Danish, a Catholic who appeared to be a member of the Council. Homosexuality was a sin, and he moved with his wife, children, and the American flag. A shameful alliance was formed between Milk and White, possibly gay and treating the field of political agreement as a beard. “I think he is one of us,” Milk confided. Milk, the only gay manager, was the only manager invited to baptize a new baby in White. White was an alcoholic and showed almost sexuality in milk at the Drunken Changle Festival, lost his balance, resigned, and entered the city hall on November 27, 1978, killing Milk and Mayor George Moscone. .

“Milk” is the story of Harvey Milk, the life of transformation, the victory of freedom in which individuals persecute the country, the victory of political and social causes. Finally, there was an extraordinary lens, and the candlelight reached the edge of the eye. This is the real shot. It is emotionally destructive. It is the result of your own life decision.

Sean Penn never tried to show Harvey Milk’s hero. He showed him an ordinary man, friendly, funny, flawed, clever, idealistic and longing for a better world. He has shown that such ordinary people can achieve.