Increase Demand In AC Units May Drive Global Demand For Electricity

The best air conditioner with dehumidifier is one of the most effective ways to cool the indoors especially in areas where a warmer environment is a norm or where high temperatures become intolerable and agonizing.

Regardless of the type on air conditioning unit used, these cooling systems are quite helpful and beneficial, especially when it comes to providing comfort to its users. And with the increase in the demand of air conditioning units, governments and the economy will benefit as well.

electricity demandAC Units To Drive Global Electricity Demand

As per a study by the International Energy Agency, the increasing use of air conditioning units in households, offices, learning institutions, commercial spaces across the globe will potentially be one of the principal drivers for global demand of electricity throughout the next thirty years. They also emphasized the urgent and serious need for policy action bettering the cooling efficiency.

According to the report by the IEA, without new standards for cooling efficiency, in the coming decades, the globe will be encountering a “cold crunch” from the increase in cooling demand by consumers.

In 2050, study says that the global demand for energy from air conditioning units is projected to triple which would need new capacity for electricity that is equal to the joined electricity capacity of Europe, United States and Japan. Also, by 2050, the worldwide stock of air conditioning units in buildings will increase to 5.6 billion. This totals to 10 new air conditioning units that is sold every single second for the next three decades.

Already, making use of air conditioning units as well as electric fans to cool and stay cool make up approximately a fifth of the entire electricity consumed in buildings across the world. However, as the income of consumers improve in developing countries, their standard of living improves as well, hence the increase in the demand of air conditioning units is set to shoot up particularly in regions where climate is hotter. The use of an air conditioning system is projected to become the second-largest source of worldwide electricity demand growth next to the sector of industry, and by 2050 will be the strongest drivers for structures or buildings.