Importance Of Adequate Sleep

The demands and pressures of being a political leader may take a toll on the person’s sleep and rest. Former president Barack Obama, for instance, says he schedules at least six hours of sleep every night. However, this isn’t always achievable with the grueling schedules of being a president.

Importance of Sleep

For any political leader or for any individual in every walk of life, having adequate sleep and rest is crucial for one to function at an optimal level. However, sleep doesn’t come fast and easy for many which results in inadequate rest and exhaustion.

Providentially, there are sleeping aids that could help people fall asleep faster as well as improve the quality of sleep. For instance, Hibernate, a bodybuilding sleep supplement made from various herbs, minerals and vitamins is formulated to give body builders as well as fitness enthusiasts that sleep and rest needed for muscle recovery. Moreover, this bodybuilding sleep supplement also helps in improving the quality of sleep of users to promote muscle growth.

Benefits of Adequate Sleep

Severe sleep deprivation is something that political leaders should avoid. As the political landscape often entails important decision making processes, one should have good cognitive functioning so as to avoid any errors or mistakes. When one is sleep deprived, they become irritable, experience mood swings and this impairs cognitive functioning, communication, coordination, and most importantly their capacity to make judicious decisions. For example, individuals who are deprived of sleep become less flexible and less able to handle or deal with unexpected and sudden changes in set plans or course of action.

With that, it is then imperative not only for political leader but for everyone to get enough sleep and rest to reap the many benefits it offers. Below are some:

  • Better focus and increased productivity
  • Improved emotional and social intelligence
  • Improved physical and mental performance
  • Better regulation of calories which lowers risk of weight gain
  • Prevents stress, anxiety and depression
  • Improved immune system

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sleep quantity varies by age so as to have better and proper physical and psychological functioning.

  • 0 to 3 months old: 14 to 17 hours
  • 4 to 12 months old: 12 to 16 hours
  • 1 to 2 years old: 11 to 14 hours
  • 3 to 5 years old: 10 to 13 hours
  • 6 to 12 years old: 9 to 12 hours
  • 13 to 18 years old: 8 to 10 hours
  • 18 to 60 years old: at least 7 hours
  • 61 to 64 years old: 7 to 9 hours
  • 65+ years old: 7 to 8 hours

Increase Demand In AC Units May Drive Global Demand For Electricity

The best air conditioner with dehumidifier is one of the most effective ways to cool the indoors especially in areas where a warmer environment is a norm or where high temperatures become intolerable and agonizing.

Regardless of the type on air conditioning unit used, these cooling systems are quite helpful and beneficial, especially when it comes to providing comfort to its users. And with the increase in the demand of air conditioning units, governments and the economy will benefit as well.

electricity demandAC Units To Drive Global Electricity Demand

As per a study by the International Energy Agency, the increasing use of air conditioning units in households, offices, learning institutions, commercial spaces across the globe will potentially be one of the principal drivers for global demand of electricity throughout the next thirty years. They also emphasized the urgent and serious need for policy action bettering the cooling efficiency.

According to the report by the IEA, without new standards for cooling efficiency, in the coming decades, the globe will be encountering a “cold crunch” from the increase in cooling demand by consumers.

In 2050, study says that the global demand for energy from air conditioning units is projected to triple which would need new capacity for electricity that is equal to the joined electricity capacity of Europe, United States and Japan. Also, by 2050, the worldwide stock of air conditioning units in buildings will increase to 5.6 billion. This totals to 10 new air conditioning units that is sold every single second for the next three decades.

Already, making use of air conditioning units as well as electric fans to cool and stay cool make up approximately a fifth of the entire electricity consumed in buildings across the world. However, as the income of consumers improve in developing countries, their standard of living improves as well, hence the increase in the demand of air conditioning units is set to shoot up particularly in regions where climate is hotter. The use of an air conditioning system is projected to become the second-largest source of worldwide electricity demand growth next to the sector of industry, and by 2050 will be the strongest drivers for structures or buildings.

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Video Games Once Again Blamed For Mass Shootings By Legislators And Government Officials

With the advancement of technology, video games have become ever more popular, especially that players or gamers could now play with or against other players from across the globe. Online games such as Minecraft, Roblox, and Fortnite are a few examples. Check this out if you can’t see my Fortnite stats.

Video games are supposed to be a form of entertainment. However, there are dangers to this as well. Majority of the negative impacts of video games are attributed the violence contained in them. As per a scientific research by Anderson and Bushman in 2001, children who played a lot more video games that are violent have a more inclined to have intensified aggressive thinking, feelings, as well as behaviors. Nonetheless, it is indecisive if video games are the cause of mass shootings.

Video Games Held Responsible for Mass Shootings

Subsequent the two mass shootings that took place in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, a common phase is showing, wherein officials of the government and legislators offer their prayers and sympathies, but do nothing  to stop and prevent such tragedies in the future. Public declarations are examined and circulated online. Apart from gun control, many are held responsible, and once more, the fault has been placed on video games.

According to a statement made to Fox & Friends by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, individuals are “dehumanized” by video games. In President Trump’s speech, he particularly pointed a finger at video games as a root and primary reason for these mass shootings.

Study Found No Conclusive Proof

Since the Columbine tragedy, video games seem to be used as a “fall guy” for acts of violence. In 2018, Trump also blamed video games after the shootings that happened in Parkland, Florida. A discussion was conducted with the executives of gaming at the White House but was confirmed to be peculiar, unhelpful, as well as unable to stop such tragedies to pass.

However for many years, study hasn’t acquired any definite evidence that video games are indeed the cause of these mass shootings. In 2011, the case of Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association, the judges of the Supreme Court eventually reach a decision that there is a lack and absence of definitive proof  to connect violent games to violent behavior. Years of domestic violence have been reported as a possible sign of mass shooters.

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Food Politics – Shareholders And The Role That The Government Plays

Several people started to perceive their choices concerning diet and nutrition in view of their political outlooks. Consumers to a greater extent assess their views on the environment as well as the natural world, whilst determining on what to buy in the supermarket or on your list of superfoods. For instance, a lot of individuals opt to consume free-range poultry because of animal welfare concerns. Others on the other hand are concerned about food that are produced naturally and organically and are of higher price or discover that those foodstuffs are unavailable in their communities. Therefore, feelings and outlooks regarding food have turn out to be something political.

Food Politics

Food production and the sale of it is an exceedingly enormous business and umbrellas each and every individual. Not only is food indispensable for everyday survival and living, but also have an effect on a person’s health and well-being that is powerful. Moreover, it also has a strong effect in a nation-state’s economy as well as on its culture. Therefore, increasingly more producers and consumers are both speaking up about food to make certain that their interests are safeguarded. Food politics, with the involvement of food production, policy, inspection, distribution and sale could affect a lot of shareholders and their interests.

Shareholders in Food Politics

Food politics stakeholders comprise of large scale and small scale farmers, together with small and large food corporations and businesses. Other crucial stakeholders involve food establishments and other providers of food-service, grocery stores as well as other food retail outlets, food distributors, trade associations, and consumers. Advocates for antihunger and nutrition as well as lobbyist of the food-industry likewise have significant parts to play. Similarly, non-government organizations like the World Health Organization and the American Cancer Society, function to uphold and foster nutrition and good health. Each constituent has its own insight and programs related to food.

The Government’s Role

Policies and regulations in the federal and state level play a paramount role in the politics of the production as well as the distribution of food. Proper food processing and preparation are regulated by government agencies, as well as to watch over the shipping and proper storage of food. Moreover, they pay heed to issues and concerns connected to the health of the public. So, the implementation and administration of regulations and policies has been greatly influenced by the concerns of the public over occurrences that are related to food, like epidemics of food-bourne diseases.

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The Significance of Political Science

Studying Political Science is as beneficial and valuable as taking an English language course such as the bakırköy ingilizce kursu. The know-how gained in taking Political Science is fundamental and worthwhile to the leader and the governed. Here are a few significance of learning Political Science:

Knowledge Regarding the State is Conveyed

The major objective of studying Political Science is to impart and instill knowledge regarding the State, its beginning, nature, organization, structure as well as its functions. Knowledge regarding the State is of massive worth to the people of today.

Knowledge Regarding the Government and Administration is Imparted

The political leaders, bureaucrats and diplomats, who run and handle the undertakings of the State, likewise require having a healthy knowledge and comprehension of Political Science to facilitate in carrying out their roles with proficiency and competence. Without knowledge and understanding regarding Political Science, political leaders may be destined for letdown. The philosophies and standards instituted in the academics in political science are of immense value and usefulness to all the administrators, legislators, judges and other people involved in politics. Moreover, Political Science is believed to be a science of leadership and statesmanship.

Helps in the Conception of Democratic Values

Political Science has taken on a special standing and value in this modern and present time in all self-governing or democratic nations. The triumph of the democracy rests on the consciousness of its populace regarding politics. The learning of political science allows for people to be informed of their duties and responsibilities as well as their rights and privileges.

Communicating Knowledge Regarding the World

Getting a hold of knowledge regarding political science deepens one’s understanding and broadens one’s intellectual perspective. For one to be familiar with what is transpiring in the world that surrounds us, a basic or rudimentary familiarity of political science is needed at least. In today’s modernized age, a person cannot steer a secluded or isolated life. Every country has to uphold relations and connections with other nations of the globe.

Creation and Establishment of Good Citizenship

The knowledge of Political Science is advantageous for building good citizenship as well as acquiring and fortifying unity and harmony of the nation. It grants citizens the cognizance of nationwide aspirations and objectives. It could be improved by the learning of political science. Furthermore, Political Science communicates and instills the lessons and moralities of good citizenship.