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Politics And The Aging Population

The aging of the population is most often discussed as a welfare problem where older people appear as objects needing free arthrozene rather than important political actors. Here we will place the main emphasis on the actor perspective, but first a few words about whether longer lives and older populations will be able to have political consequences in a more indirect way.

Aging Germany

It seems so in the sense that care for the elderly has gained a larger place on the political agenda in recent years. There has been a lot of political noise about the elderly policy, but in reality little controversy. The needs of older people have been seen with great sympathy in all political parties, which have almost competed to be friendly to the elderly, especially in speeches if not as clearly in action. The elderly issues also have great support and legitimacy in the population – also among younger people (Bay 1998, Aardal 1999). Similar patterns are found in other European countries (Walker 1993, Walker & Naegele 1999). Population development is probably not the only explanation for this, but is an essential part of it.

The support is particularly high for elderly care and especially care for those most in need of care (Bay 1998). In this way, nursing homes are stronger than old-age pensions both among politicians and in public opinion. It is primarily the weakness of old age that invites sympathy, compassion and solidarity. This is an example of how powerlessness can be a source of influence, at least when this powerlessness is seen as unjustified.

The broad support for elderly measures in public opinion cannot be explained only by self-interest. Admittedly, older people are somewhat more likely to support such measures than younger people, but the differences are moderate. Elderly measures also have great legitimacy among young people; perhaps as much as child and youth measures have among the elderly. It’s hard to believe that younger people think about their own old age when they quit the policy of the elderly. Life phase interests probably come into play, but are not dominant (Rhodebeck 1993). Then the general norm of responsibility seems to be stronger – the obligation to help people in need. This can be about an altruistic attitude (towards anyone) or primarily about taking responsibility for those in need of help that one identifies with (solidarity).

The sympathy for the elderly policy also seems to draw nourishment from a tendency among most people to exaggerate the problems of the elderly (Bay 1998, Lødemel & Flaa 1993). This is also the case among politicians, where the tendency to support transfers to the elderly increases with how great the needs are (Lubomudrow 1997).

The increased number of older people can also be expected to have a greater influence due to the fact that they make up an increasing proportion of the electorate. Politicians may be tempted to place greater emphasis on the interests of older people in order to attract older voters. This can be counteracted by the belief that older people are more loyal to their party than younger voters are. In that case, the focus is rather on the young voters, who also have the value that they have a longer future as voters.

All in all, the longer life and the increased weight of the elderly population have probably contributed to the needs and interests of old age becoming higher on the political agenda, but then primarily the frailty of the fourth age. It has been more difficult to create interest in the third age. Politics and the media thus contribute to confirming the stereotypical image of aging as a weakening and older people as burdens. The poor political conditions for public investment have further contributed to weakening the position of the elderly and other clients in society. They appear as foreigners (the wave of the elderly) and as burdens for the younger part of the population (generational justice), which in the long run may weaken support for measures for the elderly.


Beijing Citizens Need Air Purifiers More Than Anyone Else

It cannot be denied that the senior officials of the CCP have always enjoyed certain “special privileges.” These privileges include state-sponsored limousines, special schools for high-ranking children, and even organic vegetables picked from farmland that is closely guarded and operated by the government. When they are ill, senior officials can go to the 301 Army General Hospital to check their health. The 301 has long been regarded as a high-level medical institution in the capital of Beijing.

Air pollution chokes Beijing

Ordinary Beijing residents are jealous. When the pollution is particularly serious, the air they breathe into their lungs is no different from those of high-ranking and powerful people.

This idea does not seem entirely accurate.

The fact is that many high-end homes and offices are equipped with first-class air filtration devices (see The Best Air Purifier Reviews in 2020), and at least one Chinese company, Broad Group, specifically advertised in its air purifiers that it emphasizes that many officials are equipped where they live and work.

Zhang Zhong, the company’s deputy general manager, said that there were more than 200 installations in the Great Hall of the People, in the office of Chinese President Hu Jintao, and in Zhongnanhai, where the senior leaders and their families live. Taiwan ’s air purifiers, “Providing clean and healthy air to national leaders is a blessing to the people.” This company ’s promotional materials are so complimented that they also include a series of government and business leaders ’ Proof, including the words of Long Yongtu, a senior economic official who insisted on having this device in his car and hotel stay. He said “Breathing clean air is a basic need of man.”

In some countries, providing a series of testimony from senior officials is considered an effective means of good public relations. However, when dissatisfaction and anger rose, news reports triggered by the company’s advertising campaign stirred a storm of criticism. “They don’t have to eat trench oil or drink poisonous milk, and now they don’t have to breathe contaminated air.” A Sina Weibo post says this, which is China’s most popular Weibo service platform. “It shows that they have no sympathy for the lives of ordinary people.”

News that Chinese leaders can be spared Beijing’s harsh air has made the rare appearance of heavy pollution in Beijing. In recent weeks, Beijing has been shrouded in light brown smoke, and air monitoring equipment from the roof of the US embassy has always indicated that air indicators are at dangerous levels.

The data is posted on Twitter via an iPhone app every hour, but it has sparked a public debate about whether the Chinese government is intentionally vague about China’s air pollution levels.

Unlike data from the U.S. Embassy, ​​Chinese environmental officials did not disclose data on the smallest particulate pollutants. Scientists say that particles smaller than 2.5 microns are the most harmful because they can penetrate deeply and be sucked into the lungs. The government’s data only reports pollutant particles larger than 10 microns-this category includes dust storms blowing from the north and particles caused by dust from construction sites.

Environmental officials like to focus on improving air quality, largely by replacing coal-fired stoves with electric stoves and shutting down heavy industries in and around Beijing. On Beijing’s already heavily congested roads, 700,000 new vehicles were added last year. These restrictions have slightly eased the environmental degradation caused by these vehicles.

But the same batch of officials acknowledged after their pressure that their pollution indicators consciously ignored smaller particles, which are mainly emitted from car and truck exhaust. In fact, according to a diplomatic report, the monitoring of the US embassy has become an unwelcome interference in China’s internal affairs, and officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have demanded that Americans stop publishing the data.

The director of a Beijing-based non-profit organization, the Institute of Public Environmental Affairs, is concerned that public disclosure of this data could hinder development or shame the city’s image, as Beijing has been promoting environmental improvements.

“I don’t agree with this logic,” said Director Ma Jun. “The more important thing for the government is to remind the public when air quality is harmful to vulnerable people, such as the elderly and children, so that they can be protected. “

The government seems to be improving in this direction. In September, the Ministry of Environmental Protection said he planned to adjust the country’s air quality standards, including the disclosure of minimum particle targets, although it did not give a timetable for adopting the new standards.

Beijing officials are clearly not ready to do so. In response to criticism of heavy fog in recent weeks, a spokesman for the city’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, Du Shaozhong, assured the public that they should be assured of government-provided indicators that Beijing’s air is only “lightly polluted “Even if monitoring by the U.S. Embassy believes that the level of harm is beyond measurable limits. “The data released by foreign embassies in Beijing should not be used to judge China’s air quality,” he said.


How The New Bill Would Affect e-Scooters In Ireland

A new bill submitted by Fianna Fáil might be regarding new laws for electric scooters. This includes the speed limit of such small vehicles.

A bill that Fianna Fáil would bring to the Dáil later tonight (October 16) could turn the gray part of e-scooter legislation to black-and-white that’s more clear for everyone. It anticipates the summary of a consultation from the public on e-scooters made on 31 October and was released by the government following suggestions from the Road Safety Authority.

As stipulated on the current Road Traffic Act of 1961, electric scooters are viewed as “mechanically driven vehicle”. Therefore, these small vehicles are supposed to be taxed and mandated to have insurance just like any cars, trucks or motorcycles on Irish roads.

As per the spokesperson for Transport, Tourism, and Sport, the suggested Bill would change the known definition of what is known as a mechanically driven vehicle to exempt e-scooters and e-bikes.

Electric scooters are being used by many young people. This vehicle also offers an environmentally friendly alternative for many commuters who go on short journeys throughout the city.

How The New Bill Would Affect e-Scooters In Ireland

Irish examiners have reported some of these recommendations, including speed limits, fines and their use in specific areas. This would make an impact to present e-scooter users.

The very first of these recommendations is a built-in speed limit of 25kph for electric scooters being posted for sale in Ireland, like those from xiaomi scooter sale. Those who alter the built-in speed limiter will be fined up to 2500 Euros. On the other hand, Mac Sharry suggested that the speeding fine should be consistent with current speeding fines of about 60 Euros.

Electric scooter owners must also stay in the bike lane to share space with bike commuters. Cyclist. Mick McKillen acknowledges that sharing space with these new vehicles can lead to some traffic jams, but it will be beneficial for everyone after some time.

He said “Every one scooter on the road means would mean one car less. From the climate action point of view, there’s a need to take people out of their cars.”

Passing electric scooter legislation may see many companies providing ride-sharing services in the country.

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The World Keeps Vigil on Australia Fires and PM Morrison’s Actions

In Google’s latest report of the most searched topic in 2019 by Australians and probably until today is “Fires near me.” That is understandably so, since the wildfires that began in Queensland since August 2019 have now spread across four other Australian states: New South Wales, Western Australia, Southern Australia and lately, Victoria.

In future searches, it is now likely that Australia’s Prime Minister will make it to the forthcoming list of most hated Australians. Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s popularity as a leader has apparently thinned out. Australians were upset when they learned that the country’s leader was in Hawaii for the holidays, as many of their countrymen were losing lives and homes to the scorching wildfires spreading across regions.

PM Morrison Gets Heckled in His Homestate

As had been demonstrated by the people of Cobargo in New South Wales (NSW), widespread anger is burning in the hearts of the people. Whatever PM Morrison’s purpose in visiting his homestate New South Wales, the community of Cobargo made it clear that he was not welcome.

One woman brazenly shouted to ask how they can defend their town against the quickly spreading wildfires with only four trucks to boot. She called out the prime minister, pressed him for answers on questions about those who died and about people with nowhere to live. Others joined in; some calling the PM an “idiot” while others stating outright that he was not welcome.

Australia Fires is Only One of PM Morrison’s Failures as a Leader

The animosity presently felt against the Australian Prime Minister is only the result of circumstances and events that many perceive as failures of his leadership. Australia’s financial industry for one has seen a spate of bank-related scandals to which accusations include manipulating benchmark interest rates; to non-compliance with money laundering laws, failures to honor insurance claims and unjust treatment of small business owners.

The long period of drought, which the states of Queensland and New South Wales had raised alarms even before it literally culminated to the firestorm, is now consuming acres and acres of forests and communities. Like U.S. president Donald Trump, the Australian PM is known to insist that the country has been dealing with the challenges posed by climate change; in ways he describes as “better than most countries.” PM Morrison made claims that under his leadership, the country has been fulfilling international targets.

The PM’s claims have of course be proven false, as the latest United Nations report revealed that

”There has been no improvement in Australia’s climate policy since 2017,

and that the country is not on track to meet the 26-28% emission reduction by the year 2030, which the government had set as commitment under the Paris Climate Agreement.

As an aside, Australia news websites could get more visitors. People around the globe are showing interest in knowing more about the Australian fires, fires near me, and Australia’s current leader and what exactly is his title. Now more than ever, local news sites can help draw worldwide attention to pressure PM Morrison and his government to take real action.

One approach to understanding how to successfully direct traffic to one’s website is to have a professional perform seo audit, since the world continues to monitor the most recent developments in Australia in real time.

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Uncertainty In Trump’s Bid For Reelection In 2020 Increases With Immigration, Trade Issues

It cannot be denied that US President Donald Trump has made a lot of changes since he first assumed the highest post in the country in 2017. One of the hottest issues that plagued his first few years of presidency is the new immigration policies that target undocumented migrants. His measures are questioned due to probably violation of basic human rights. Aside from tighter immigration rules, Trump also began to reshape US trade practice, claiming to bring to country back to the top as the best market in the world.

Now that the 2020 presidential election is fast approaching, many people wonder whether Trump’s controversial acts of attempting to make America great again would pay off. However, as the country still awaits the positive change of Trump’s recent actions, his chances of winning another term as president of the United States are dwindling down.

‘Heartless’ Stance On Illegal Immigrants Could Paint Him A Bad Picture

The Trump administration’s move to separate the undocumented migrants from their children was widely panned not only by the people in the United States, but also by the international audience. The world has witnessed the children detained inside detention camps, while their captured parents are being sent to the country where they came from, leaving the future of their children in uncertainty. Aside from the fact that separating innocent and helpless children from their parents is cruel enough, findings of various human rights group reveal that the children living inside the detention centers are suffering from unbearable living conditions.

With all these in consideration, it would be difficult for Trump to clear his image as a good president of a country that is known for embracing diversity.

At this point, even his allies tend to have different views from him, like some GOP senators starting to show support for climate change actions that are against Trump’s opinion. This is not a good news for a president who is seeking reelection.

Another Recession Could End Trump’s Reelection Bid

Economists have also warned against President Trump’s ongoing trade war with China, citing data that the country has so much to lose if the world market do not go in favor of the US. With Trump putting the country’s economy at stake, there is a chance that another harrowing recession, just like in 2008, will take place. If another recession does occur, looking back in history, presidents who seek for reelection while the country is facing recession often fail. If only the country’s economy has a special security system in place, just like what Ring vs Arlo can provide to our homes, then we wouldn’t be looking at another possible recession in the near future.


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Food Politics – Shareholders And The Role That The Government Plays

Several people started to perceive their choices concerning diet and nutrition in view of their political outlooks. Consumers to a greater extent assess their views on the environment as well as the natural world, whilst determining on what to buy in the supermarket or on your list of superfoods. For instance, a lot of individuals opt to consume free-range poultry because of animal welfare concerns. Others on the other hand are concerned about food that are produced naturally and organically and are of higher price or discover that those foodstuffs are unavailable in their communities. Therefore, feelings and outlooks regarding food have turn out to be something political.

Food Politics

Food production and the sale of it is an exceedingly enormous business and umbrellas each and every individual. Not only is food indispensable for everyday survival and living, but also have an effect on a person’s health and well-being that is powerful. Moreover, it also has a strong effect in a nation-state’s economy as well as on its culture. Therefore, increasingly more producers and consumers are both speaking up about food to make certain that their interests are safeguarded. Food politics, with the involvement of food production, policy, inspection, distribution and sale could affect a lot of shareholders and their interests.

Shareholders in Food Politics

Food politics stakeholders comprise of large scale and small scale farmers, together with small and large food corporations and businesses. Other crucial stakeholders involve food establishments and other providers of food-service, grocery stores as well as other food retail outlets, food distributors, trade associations, and consumers. Advocates for antihunger and nutrition as well as lobbyist of the food-industry likewise have significant parts to play. Similarly, non-government organizations like the World Health Organization and the American Cancer Society, function to uphold and foster nutrition and good health. Each constituent has its own insight and programs related to food.

The Government’s Role

Policies and regulations in the federal and state level play a paramount role in the politics of the production as well as the distribution of food. Proper food processing and preparation are regulated by government agencies, as well as to watch over the shipping and proper storage of food. Moreover, they pay heed to issues and concerns connected to the health of the public. So, the implementation and administration of regulations and policies has been greatly influenced by the concerns of the public over occurrences that are related to food, like epidemics of food-bourne diseases.

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The Significance of Political Science

Studying Political Science is as beneficial and valuable as taking an English language course such as the bakırköy ingilizce kursu. The know-how gained in taking Political Science is fundamental and worthwhile to the leader and the governed. Here are a few significance of learning Political Science:

Knowledge Regarding the State is Conveyed

The major objective of studying Political Science is to impart and instill knowledge regarding the State, its beginning, nature, organization, structure as well as its functions. Knowledge regarding the State is of massive worth to the people of today.

Knowledge Regarding the Government and Administration is Imparted

The political leaders, bureaucrats and diplomats, who run and handle the undertakings of the State, likewise require having a healthy knowledge and comprehension of Political Science to facilitate in carrying out their roles with proficiency and competence. Without knowledge and understanding regarding Political Science, political leaders may be destined for letdown. The philosophies and standards instituted in the academics in political science are of immense value and usefulness to all the administrators, legislators, judges and other people involved in politics. Moreover, Political Science is believed to be a science of leadership and statesmanship.

Helps in the Conception of Democratic Values

Political Science has taken on a special standing and value in this modern and present time in all self-governing or democratic nations. The triumph of the democracy rests on the consciousness of its populace regarding politics. The learning of political science allows for people to be informed of their duties and responsibilities as well as their rights and privileges.

Communicating Knowledge Regarding the World

Getting a hold of knowledge regarding political science deepens one’s understanding and broadens one’s intellectual perspective. For one to be familiar with what is transpiring in the world that surrounds us, a basic or rudimentary familiarity of political science is needed at least. In today’s modernized age, a person cannot steer a secluded or isolated life. Every country has to uphold relations and connections with other nations of the globe.

Creation and Establishment of Good Citizenship

The knowledge of Political Science is advantageous for building good citizenship as well as acquiring and fortifying unity and harmony of the nation. It grants citizens the cognizance of nationwide aspirations and objectives. It could be improved by the learning of political science. Furthermore, Political Science communicates and instills the lessons and moralities of good citizenship.