U.S. House of Reps Passes Bipartisan Bill to Help Allied Afghans with Visa Applications

The most recent development in the U.S. House of Representatives is the bipartisan approval of legislation to hasten the processing of visas of Afghan allies. The Afghans covered by the bill are those who helped the U.S. and other coalition forces in the war against the Talibans in thwarting attempts to topple the government of Afghanistan. The votes for the bill were 407-16 and as can be expected, those who voted against the bill are Republican lawmakers.

As the U.S. and other countries who formed the NATO coalition have already withdrawn their respective troops in the war-torn country, Afghan allies and their families are now at greater risk of being targeted for assasination by the Taliban.

A Closer Look at the Allies Act

Captioned as the Allies Act, the bill will greatly increase the number of Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) that will be issued to 8,000 Afghan immigation applicants. The bill aims to lessen the requirements for applying in order to minimize the burden of applying for SIVs, as well as to hasten the processing of documents.

As Talibans are continuously subjugating more territories in the country, thousands of Afghanistan citizens who helped the NATO forces secure their country, are relying on their U.S. visa application as means of staying alive. Voting for the bill proceeded as the coalition forces and U.S are nearing completion of their extraction from the war-torn country.

According to Rep. Jason Crow (D-Colorado), the bill gives particular attention to Afghan allies as the Talibans are determined to execute those who provided assistance to American military forces during the past 20 years. Rep. Crow, who authored the bill presented his proposal last month on the House floor with the support of 24 bipartisan members of Congress. The Democratic Representative of Colorado had also served three tours of duty as a former Army Ranger in both Afghanistan and Iran.

Biden’s White House Administration Providing Support to Facilitate Evacuation of Afghan Allies

The Biden administration is also making efforts to facilitate plans for evacuating SIV applicants out of harm’s way, while awaiting processing and approval of their visa applications.

Furthermore, the country has teamed up with other ally countries in order to acquire safe places overseas for about 4,000 Afghan refugees under the Operation Allies Refuge. A senior state department official mentioned that those who have nearly completed their application, will be evacuated in Fort Lee, Virginia to temporarily stay in a U.S Army garrison for about a week or so.

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Uncertainty In Trump’s Bid For Reelection In 2020 Increases With Immigration, Trade Issues

It cannot be denied that US President Donald Trump has made a lot of changes since he first assumed the highest post in the country in 2017. One of the hottest issues that plagued his first few years of presidency is the new immigration policies that target undocumented migrants. His measures are questioned due to probably violation of basic human rights. Aside from tighter immigration rules, Trump also began to reshape US trade practice, claiming to bring to country back to the top as the best market in the world.

Now that the 2020 presidential election is fast approaching, many people wonder whether Trump’s controversial acts of attempting to make America great again would pay off. However, as the country still awaits the positive change of Trump’s recent actions, his chances of winning another term as president of the United States are dwindling down.

‘Heartless’ Stance On Illegal Immigrants Could Paint Him A Bad Picture

The Trump administration’s move to separate the undocumented migrants from their children was widely panned not only by the people in the United States, but also by the international audience. The world has witnessed the children detained inside detention camps, while their captured parents are being sent to the country where they came from, leaving the future of their children in uncertainty. Aside from the fact that separating innocent and helpless children from their parents is cruel enough, findings of various human rights group reveal that the children living inside the detention centers are suffering from unbearable living conditions.

With all these in consideration, it would be difficult for Trump to clear his image as a good president of a country that is known for embracing diversity.

At this point, even his allies tend to have different views from him, like some GOP senators starting to show support for climate change actions that are against Trump’s opinion. This is not a good news for a president who is seeking reelection.

Another Recession Could End Trump’s Reelection Bid

Economists have also warned against President Trump’s ongoing trade war with China, citing data that the country has so much to lose if the world market do not go in favor of the US. With Trump putting the country’s economy at stake, there is a chance that another harrowing recession, just like in 2008, will take place. If another recession does occur, looking back in history, presidents who seek for reelection while the country is facing recession often fail. If only the country’s economy has a special security system in place, just like what Ring vs Arlo can provide to our homes, then we wouldn’t be looking at another possible recession in the near future.


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Trump Temporarily Suspends ICE Immigration Crackdown at House Speaker Pelosis’s Request

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents all set to land in different states to arrest undocumented immigrants on Sunday, will have to postpone their massive deportation operations for two weeks.

Many condemn the planned action as heartless, which entails separating undocumented immigrants from their U.S. born children. In fact, not a few city officials, local mayors, and even police agencies throughout the country intends to refuse giving the ICE people their cooperation.

Sanctuary cities contend that the sweeping raid, which was supposed to have simultaneously taken place in at least ten (10) major cities, targeted 2000 undocumented immigrants particularly those with chidren born in the U.S.

House Speaker Pelosi Calls on Trump to Call Off ICE Raids

Aware that Donald Trump Is using the ICE immigration raids to force the House of Representatives to give in to the anti-immigartion president’ s will and proposed policies on immigration, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi carried on with a diplomatic move by calling up Trump.

Via a phone conversation, Ms. Pelosi put forward a request for president Trump to call off the deportation actions targeting about 2000 undocumented immigrants; most of whom will be separated from their families.

Although Trump initially offered a weak, we-will-see reply to Speaker Pelosi’s request, the U.S. president later emerged on Saturday to announce that the ICE crackdown will be temporarily suspended for two weeks.

He mentioned in his tweet that the suspension was made at the behest of Speaker Pelosi, but cited the delay as time for the House Democrats to discuss border solutions and thereafter pass a border bill.


Ms. Pelosi gave her response also by way of tweet addressed to president Trump,stating that they welcome the delay, time being necessary in order to come up with a comprehensive bill on immigration reform. Still, Ms. Pelosi asserted that

“Families belong together.”