How the General Public can Influence Political Decisions?

Most countries are following a democratic government, which means, the nation is ruled by its people. Therefore, it is essential that the citizens have a say in what’s being decided and what will happen. Politics is all around us; whether it is in the government, in business competition such as removalist Perth and everything in between. Decisions that these politicians make will be affecting our lives from commuting, schools, shopping and so forth.

With this in mind, how people can actually influence what’s being decided? In reality, there are more ways than one that this can be done and these include:

  • Voting,
  • Campaigning,
  • Signing a petition
  • Joining political parties and
  • Becoming involved in pressure groups

Let try to discuss some of these approaches even further.


This is actually among the significant ways in which people or the public can take part in a decision. Usually, they do this during election period when the entire country is given the power to select who they wanted to represent them.


With regards to campaigning, this may actually involve a number of different approaches in an effort to persuade the general public.

People may be involved by sending letters, demonstrations, emails, organizing visits to the political party, petitions or by organizing media as well as social media campaigns.


In most cases, petitions are being used in election campaigns as a way of showing the level of support for a certain point of view. Normally, they do contain statements regarding the objective and the goal of the campaign. Furthermore, the campaigners are seeking to get additional support by asking others to sign in their petition.

Each and every single petition that the parliament obtains should be looked by a governing body. This entity will be deciding whether the petition is within the parliament’s power and if yes, they ought to investigate the concern and make recommendations of the appropriate steps to be taken.

Who is Petitioning the Parliament?

As a matter of fact, anyone has the right to petition the parliament. Petitions may be submitted either by a single individual or a group of people or even organized pressure group.