Pres. Biden Faces Uncertainty of Getting the Support of Primary Voters in Michigan

Pres. Biden’s Michigan primary bid faces uncertainty as the state’s Arab American voters are angry over US support for Israel’s unrelenting assault on Gaza. Democratic voters led by Representative Rashida Tlaib and several leaders of the state’s Arab American communities are telling fellow voters to cast “uncommitted” votes in Tuesday’s primary election.

michigan state capitolThe move to do so signifies their reaction to Pres. Biden for his refusal to help the Palestinians in Gaza by calling on Israel to cease its indiscriminate assault on the city where Hamas terrorists are still holding Israeli hostages.

As Michigan is a swing state local activists of the Arab American community had demonstrated their disapproval of the US President’s continuing support for Israel — for allowing the sale and supply of billions of dollars worth of US manufactured advanced weapons.

Other Major Countries Also Allowing Sale of Weapons to Israel

military trucks carrying arms supplyYet it should also be noted that the US is only one of several countries supplying Israel with weapons. Still, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Canada and Australia are also dealing with demonstrations being held by pro-Palestinian and world-peace advocacy groups.

Although Hamas, the terrorist group that initiated the attack against Israel in Oct. 07, 2023, killed around 1,200 Israelis and took 240 hostages, Israel’s military response is being criticized by European leaders of the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and Spain.

The United Nation reported that half a million people in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip are already facing starvation, while about 1.9 million civilians have been displaced and seeking asylum as refugees in neighboring countries.
The Gaza Health Ministry being run by Hamas reported that almost 30,000 Palestinians have already died since Israel launched offensive attacks on the enclave in October 2023.