New Media Consumption

If you’re going to look at the new media environment, then you’ll see that it is so dynamic and continuously developing. Most were in the online sphere, which is why link building services such as is really in demand. The new media radically changed the operations of various government institutions, how political leaders are communicating, engagement to citizens and the way in which elections are being performed.

But what exactly is new media? As a matter of fact, this new media is widely used by politicians as a form of communication that will facilitate the dissemination, exchange and production of political content on platforms as well as within networks that will be able to accommodate both collaboration and interaction.

They’re growing at a very fast rate for the past 30 years and keep on growing in an unprecedented rate.

New Media and Politics

New media have broad implications for political practices and democratic governance. It has transformed political media system and at the same time, redefined the duties and responsibilities of journalists.

As a matter of fact, the rise of new media somehow complicates political media system. Legacy media do consists of established mass media institutions that have actually predated the internet similar to:

  • Radio shows
  • TV news program and;
  • Newspaper

It has coexisted with new media, which now became the product of technological innovation. While it is true that legacy media has maintained stable formats, the line of new media including blogs, websites, digital apps, video-sharing platforms as well as social media keep expanding in many ways you can think of.

Purpose and Expectations

Mass media is designed to disseminate general interesting news to a broader audience and since then, it’s been joined by niche sources. New media can also relay any information straight to people without intervention of institutional or editorial gatekeepers, which are basically intrinsic to legacy forms. Because of this, new media focused on providing increased level of instability as well as unpredictability into political communication process.

In essence, it is expected the media in general serves essential roles in democratic society and feed the public with valuable information.


How the General Public can Influence Political Decisions?

Most countries are following a democratic government, which means, the nation is ruled by its people. Therefore, it is essential that the citizens have a say in what’s being decided and what will happen. Politics is all around us; whether it is in the government, in business competition such as removalist Perth and everything in between. Decisions that these politicians make will be affecting our lives from commuting, schools, shopping and so forth.

With this in mind, how people can actually influence what’s being decided? In reality, there are more ways than one that this can be done and these include:

  • Voting,
  • Campaigning,
  • Signing a petition
  • Joining political parties and
  • Becoming involved in pressure groups

Let try to discuss some of these approaches even further.


This is actually among the significant ways in which people or the public can take part in a decision. Usually, they do this during election period when the entire country is given the power to select who they wanted to represent them.


With regards to campaigning, this may actually involve a number of different approaches in an effort to persuade the general public.

People may be involved by sending letters, demonstrations, emails, organizing visits to the political party, petitions or by organizing media as well as social media campaigns.


In most cases, petitions are being used in election campaigns as a way of showing the level of support for a certain point of view. Normally, they do contain statements regarding the objective and the goal of the campaign. Furthermore, the campaigners are seeking to get additional support by asking others to sign in their petition.

Each and every single petition that the parliament obtains should be looked by a governing body. This entity will be deciding whether the petition is within the parliament’s power and if yes, they ought to investigate the concern and make recommendations of the appropriate steps to be taken.

Who is Petitioning the Parliament?

As a matter of fact, anyone has the right to petition the parliament. Petitions may be submitted either by a single individual or a group of people or even organized pressure group.


Banning of Video Games: Bad for the Players, Good for the Government

China has made a bold move among children in an effort to curb their addiction to video games and buying digital items. Those who are playing video games who are under the age of 18 would be banned to play online games for a max of 90 minutes. This will be applicable on a weekday basis and is forbidden to play between 22:00 to 8:00. Then on public holidays and weekends, they are permitted to play by a max of 3 hours a day.

Official government guidelines that outline these new rules were actually issued by the General Administration of Press and Publication of the country. This will also be imposed straight through various gaming platforms that are in operation in the country.

In fact, a spokesperson for Chinese administration has told Xinhua News Agency that these new measures were intricately planned to provide protection among minors for their mental and physical health.

The Max You can Do

Aside from that, the rules include limitations on the amount of money that they can spend within the games. With players who are under 16 years old will be allowed to spend a max of 200 yuan or £22 a month and those who are 16 to 18 has a max ceiling of 400 yuan.

Therefore, no matter how much you love buying D2Items to level up your avatar in Diablo II game, you’ll be stuck with 200 to 400 yuan.

Basically, China is the second largest gaming market in the world. They’re just behind in United States but, authorities in the country repeatedly criticizing the impact of video games could bring amongst young people. Basically, in a study performed in 500 million Chinese citizens in 2015, it has shown that many of the participants have suffered from visual impairment. And researchers are blaming it due to the rise of online games and mobile phones.

China is just doing what’s Right

Though, there’s no specific consensus that myopia could be a result of video games. However, countries in situated in Eastern Asia have observed a huge rise in such condition for the past several years. In fact, the World Health Organization had recognized video game addiction as mental health disorder. This only backs Chinese administration’s decision for doing what they have to do.


Government Encouraging Citizen to Invest in Business

Small businesses are a vital component of the economy. If the government is hoping to reduce their poverty line and produce thriving middle class and economic prosperity at the same time, then they have to encourage citizens to invest in a business. This is as per the US Department of State. Small businesses and the government has a tendency to have symbiotic relation as small businesses are relying on the government to maintain fair competition among large and established businesses.

According to US DOS, America is dependent on small businesses for creating jobs as 90% all businesses and companies are small.

This has been taken advantage of by the guys from https://www.atomkeep.com/best-vacuum-for-carpet/ to launch their enterprise and website and sell stuff to people.

Government’s Intervention is Critical

As a matter of fact, there are many benefits associated to the government’s intervention in assisting the launch of small businesses. The federal government uses its power in providing direct support to small businesses. The US has established SBA in 1953 or Small Business Administration. This is all designed to help people get started with small businesses and maintain it. SBA is offering loans, business advice and even financial support to businesses. The federal government spends roughly 425 billion dollars on buying goods and services and 23% of this should go to small and startup companies.

Businesses and government could have passive or active relationship as per Thomas A. Garrett. He is a senior economist with Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. An active government policy is helping to specify small business industries, normally by means of offering tax incentives. With a passive government on the other hand, it is helping small businesses as a whole like offering loans.

Points to be Considered

Small business and the government usually have conflicts when it comes to their goals. The government does recognize that it should protect these businesses. However, they must acknowledge as well that big firms are more efficient compared to smaller companies. Not only that, the US has a tendency to veer toward free market aiming to reducing the influence of the government. This forces the government to execute a balancing act between growth promotions before turning everything into monopoly.


Impending Effect of India’s Ecommerce Industry to US

The US Government raised concerns in regards to the revised eCommerce regulations of India. In fact, they have reached out to New Delhi officials regarding the policy and to how it will hamper Indian Investment plans of Walmart Inc as well as Amazon.com.

Take it or Leave it

This tussle has marked the latest US protests on policies implemented by Indian government which have caused direct impact to various American companies. There even comes a time to which the two countries tried ironing out trade irritants. Back in 2017, United States sent a written protest against the verdict that India made in capping the cost of medical devices and equipment which has troubled various American owned businesses and companies.

The eCommerce investment policies of India which has taken effect from February 1 has banned companies from marketing products through firms that they have equity interests and at the same time, barred them from dealing with sellers to exclusively sell on their respective platform. As per one of the trade ministry officials of India…

a US government official has released a statement for the Indian officials to guard investments from companies with the likes of Flipkart and Walmart in the country.

India will Hold its Ground

Even though, US government referred to the established relations between them and India and stressed further that American owned companies must be given enough time with talks regarding bilateral trade. However, India has given non-committal response according to the source.

On the other hand, Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister is pushing to expedite the revision of amendment or rules in any meaningful way. Small retailers as well as traders in the country supported his objective for Amazon and Walmart is a huge threat to their livelihood.

Walmart and Amazon have made bold moves in tapping the booming and lucrative eCommerce market of India to which has been estimated to grow by 30% annually to 200 billion dollars in the next decade up to 2027. This figure can even double if some of the Indian investors and entrepreneurs would discover hustlelife.net as it’s a complete program to learn online business and eCommerce.