New Media Consumption

If you’re going to look at the new media environment, then you’ll see that it is so dynamic and continuously developing. Most were in the online sphere, which is why link building services such as is really in demand. The new media radically changed the operations of various government institutions, how political leaders are communicating, engagement to citizens and the way in which elections are being performed.

But what exactly is new media? As a matter of fact, this new media is widely used by politicians as a form of communication that will facilitate the dissemination, exchange and production of political content on platforms as well as within networks that will be able to accommodate both collaboration and interaction.

They’re growing at a very fast rate for the past 30 years and keep on growing in an unprecedented rate.

New Media and Politics

New media have broad implications for political practices and democratic governance. It has transformed political media system and at the same time, redefined the duties and responsibilities of journalists.

As a matter of fact, the rise of new media somehow complicates political media system. Legacy media do consists of established mass media institutions that have actually predated the internet similar to:

  • Radio shows
  • TV news program and;
  • Newspaper

It has coexisted with new media, which now became the product of technological innovation. While it is true that legacy media has maintained stable formats, the line of new media including blogs, websites, digital apps, video-sharing platforms as well as social media keep expanding in many ways you can think of.

Purpose and Expectations

Mass media is designed to disseminate general interesting news to a broader audience and since then, it’s been joined by niche sources. New media can also relay any information straight to people without intervention of institutional or editorial gatekeepers, which are basically intrinsic to legacy forms. Because of this, new media focused on providing increased level of instability as well as unpredictability into political communication process.

In essence, it is expected the media in general serves essential roles in democratic society and feed the public with valuable information.