The Trend Of Political Clothing

Many celebrities appeared outfitted in black through the ceremony of the 75th Golden Globes Award. Immediately the media were in turmoil about what they called “political fashion declarations on the red carpet”. This is just the latest drop in a rainy season of alleged political fashion.

It all began with the said pantsuit get-togethers in unification with the United States presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton in the year 2016. Then it has grown with white-colored supremacists who were using the same outfits, in polos and khaki at the time of their notorious Charlottesville manifestations last year.

The trend of political clothing

Just like fashion research, is political dress a trend? The answer is yes, based on the number of political statements made in the Fashion Week 2017. Political statements were made in various collections in the last season of Fashion Week.

Political job tricks are shown pink pussy candelabras on Missoni. There had been white bandanas being a sign of inclusion in many brands like Prabal Gurung, Tommy Hilfiger, Dior Phillip Lim, Thakoon, and Diane von Furstenberg.

In the meantime, black berets or Black Panther outfits were exhibited at Dior. All sorts of slogans, imprinted or stitched in various clothing, likewise made an appearance on Public School, Ashish Gupta, and Christian Siriano, disrupted by graphic undergarments in the LRS clothing line.

However, this is not necessarily good news. The fashion sector has a good standing in co-opting politics and countercultural actions, marginalized organizations as well as, non-Western ethnicities, in an attempt to get a very good return from it.

There might be absolutely nothing erroneous with earning cash this way, other than that the consequences of co-optation by way of the fashion market are social irrelevance. Much like several other goods, fashion should be used just before the expiration date.

The very good news is that the political clothing style may not be trendy, but it’s not fashion. Even the global fashion industry cannot prevent individuals from using their clothed bodies as a tool for political discourse.

So go ahead and choose your favorite political graphic T-shirt or wear the color of your favorite party or done on your best work boots by MyBestWorkBoots. Remember, this is not fashion unless most other people decide to wear the same clothes for a period of time. In this case, your choice is to maintain your fashion status or change your outfit or political beliefs.