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Funding For Elderly Care

Many facility managements for elderly care ask themselves how they can use private and public grants and support programs to finance their facilities.

For just about any kind of senior care help, companies like Gogrit can provide the needs of many elders.

Funding for elderly care

If you look around the industry, you will find out about numerous activities that are subsidized by subsidies. A district can receive as much as 300,000 euros from a television lottery for the construction of a stationary care facility . Projects that are centered on geriatric care is being supported by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs with a health project for employees in a nursing home with several hundred thousand euros. Also, many Caritas Association for senior health care by many established foundations for the establishment of a competent and service center for the elderly.

There is a continuous need for support in the most diverse areas of elderly care:

  • fully inpatient care offers, retirement homes, nursing homes
  • Semi-stationary care services, short-term care, day care, preventive care
  • outpatient / home care, nursing services, care services
  • Hospices and palliative care services
  • assisted living, multi-generation houses and new forms of living
  • Neighborhood-related care and supply offers, neighborhood concepts, neighborhood aids
  • Self-help, low-threshold offers, visiting groups, volunteer work
  • Advice offers
  • New construction, renovation / refurbishment and expansion of elderly care facilities
  • alternative forms of therapy

Politicians have a high interest in promoting elderly care

There is also great interest on the part of the state in the area of ​​geriatric care developing further through innovative concepts and new care approaches.

For example, the ideas competition “Quarter 2020 – Together we Shape” of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration is a municipal concept for district development in the field of “care and support for the elderly”.

These projects are awarded a total of 2.5 million euros. The projects should pay particular attention to the topics of civic engagement, volunteering and citizen participation.